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What kind of service do you offer?

We offer multi megabit broadband internet service for homes and small businesses.

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What is your coverage area?

We can cover people within roughly 7 miles of the center of Champaign-Urbana. For details, please see Coverage section of our website.

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I live in an apartment, can I get your service?

There are two ways you might get our service:

  1. If the owner of your building can give us access to the internal wiring of your building, we can provide service to you (and other members of your building) at a reduced rate. See the Services section under Multi-User Service, have your landlord contact us, or contact us yourself and we can follow up with your landlord about it.
  2. If the building owner won't or can't give us access to in-building wiring, you still have an option: you may be able to get our service if you have a balcony. The FCC protects your right to use your balcony in this way. Give us a call to set up a site survey.

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How do I get my connection?

Our service uses cutting-edge radios and other technologies (as appropriate) to link the equipment at your site to our metropolitan-area network. The technology is usually called Fixed Wireless, as opposed to the mobile wireless service associated with cellular phones, because our devices don't move around much (they're attatched to buildings).

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How much does it cost?

Please see our current prices, under Services.

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What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept Cash, Personal Checks, or Electronic Direct Debit. If you'd like to sign up for our automatic payment program just print out the ACH request form and send it to us.

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How does your service compare to DSL and Cable Internet?

Whether you need internet access for your home or business, Volo Broadband provides features and perks that have both DSL and Cable beat.

For starters there's our blazing fast speeds, many times faster than the national average for either DSL or cable.

Also, we don't limit your upload speed like Cable and most inexpensive DSL connections, which can cap uploads at as little as 10% of your download speed. Volo's network is designed to give you all the most desirable features in an internet connection: we don't filter ports, we provide you with a static IP address, and we make it easy for you to share your new connection with as many computers as you like. In addition, most of our services come with a firewall to keep you protected from network based attacks.

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How does weather affect the service?

It doesn't. From extreme heat to extreme cold, from wind and pouring rain to fog and snow, our network has functioned through all these conditions with no noticable effects.

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What's the difference between megabits and megabytes?

One megabyte is equal to eight megabits, but the terms are used in specific ways: Megabits per second (mbps) are generally used to describe the speed of an Internet connection, whereas megabytes (MB) usually refer to the size of a file or storage space.

In practical terms, one megabit per second is slow but usable broadband Internet. Five to ten web pages, one minute of music, or a half a minute of video is about one megabyte of data.

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How can I access UIUC-only information?

To access UIUC-only information from the Volo network, you need to install the UIUC VPN Client.

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I use AOL/MSN, will I still be able to with your service?

Yes. Both AOL and MSN have special broadband products that compliment our high speed service. Check with your product's website for more information.

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Do you care how many computers I have?

No. Our equipment has a built in DHCP server that will automatically configure up to 200 computers connected with just ethernet hubs and switches.

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What's my public IP address?

IP Chicken will tell you. If you're trying to set up a server and it lists your IP as, please contact us (something might be misconfigured).

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If I want to run a server, how do I set it up?

Just set the server's IP address to the DMZ address listed on your initial invoice (generally for older customers and for newer ones). Connections to your public IP address will automatically be sent to that computer.

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Does this mean I can run a server?

You betcha!

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Do Volo connections have a firewall?

Yes, at this time all connections provided by Volo have a firewall on them (unless the customer explicitly requests it's removal). This firewall and gateway router not only protects your computer(s) from network based attacks, but also allows you to easily share your internet connection between multiple computers. In fact a basic Volo connection will configure up to 200 computers automatically, all you have to do is connect them together with switches or hubs.

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Do you filter ports?


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What can I do to protect my computers from storms and surges?

Read all about it under Surges.

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Is this site based on Drupal?

Of course! We are strong proponents of software freedom, including heavy use of it in our business and making sure to contribute useful changes to the upstream maintainers.

We offer web and email hosting based on Debian Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Drupal, Dovecot, qmail, spamassassin, and djbdns. We use OpenOffice, putty, and many other exceptional Free Software products on a daily basis.

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How do I configure my email software to work with Volo?

We recommend that you set up your email software to use IMAP. The server for both incoming (IMAP or POP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail is The port for outgoing mail is 587, but 925, 25525, and 55525 also work.

If you don't know your username for sure, there are two ways to guess it:


If you are going to be using your email from any non-Volo networks (while travelling, for example), you must enable outgoing (SMTP) authentication. You may also need to use one of the alternate port numbers above. If you don't use a Volo-hosted email address, you won't be able to use our servers from off-network.

You can find specific instructions below for some common email clients.



  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Find and click on the Mail icon. It may help to set the "View by:" option to Small or Large icons.
  3. If you already have a profile:
    • Click on Email Accounts. Under Email, click New
  4. If you do not already have a profile
    • Click Add and enter a profile name. Anything is fine here
  5. Select Manual setup or additional server types, then click Next
  6. Select Pop or IMAP, then click Next
  7. Fill in the requested info
    • Your name
    • Your email
    • Account type: IMAP
    • Incoming mail server:
    • Outgoing mail server:
    • Username
    • Your email password
  8. Require logon using Secure Password Authentication should be UNCHECKED
  9. Click on More Settings
    • Click on Outgoing Server. SMTP Authentication should be CHECKED
    • Click on Advanced. Under server port numbers, the outgoing server should be set to 587
    • Both types of encrypted connection should be set to None
  10. Click OK, then click Next. It will run a test. If both steps show a checkmark and their status is completed, you should be good to go! Open Outlook and verify your account comes up (it may take a moment to sync).


  1. Go to the Tools menu, then select Account Settings
  2. Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP)
  3. Select the server in the box and click Edit
  4. The SMTP server should be
  5. The port number should be 587
  6. The box next to "Use name and password" under "Security and Authentication" should be checked.


  1. Tap Settings > Passwords & Accounts
  2. Tap Other.
  3. In the Name box, enter your name.
  4. In the Address box, enter your full e-mail address (for example,
  5. In the Password box, enter your password, and then tap Save
  6. Tap IMAP
  7. Under Incoming Mail Server, in the Host Name box, enter
  8. In the User Name box, enter your username. If you don't know it: see above
  9. In the Password box, enter your password
  10. Under Outgoing Mail Server, in the Host Name box, enter
  11. In the User Name and Password boxes, enter the same username and password.
  12. Go to advanced and turn off SSL
  13. Go back, tap save

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How do I change my email password?

If you know your current password, you can log into Volo webmail, click the Settings link at the top-right, then click the Password tab near the top. Enter your current password and confirm your new password, and click Save. You may need to log back into webmail after that. If you use a desktop client like Outlook or Thunderbird, it should prompt you to enter your new password the next time it connects.

If you don't know your current password, you'll need to call us at 217-367-8656 and have a technician reset your password.

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You can do this through Volo webmail. Once you're logged in, click Settings at the top, then click the Autoreply tab. Here you can turn on and off your auto-reply and customize the message. Please note that your message should include the From: and Subject: lines, for example:

Subject: Re: $SUBJECT (auto-reply)

I'm currently away and will respond when I return.

Foo Smith

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