What Routers do you Recommend?


You connect to our service via the ethernet port inside your residence.  You may either plug your computer in directly or use any standard router to have a wireless network and connect multiple devices at your location. Any standard router will work with your new Volo service but we recommend the following to make the most of your fiber internet connection:


  • A wired connection will perform better than any wireless connection.  Strongly consider running a wire (or having us run a wire) to connect any critical, stationary devices in your home (this is most important for desktop computers and other devices used for gaming).

  • Get a router rated *at least* AC1750, with higher numbers being better.

  • Do not purchase a modem or modem/router combo device! Our service fully bypasses the need for modems and they will not work with our service.

  • If your home is larger than about 1,000 sq ft or has multiple floors, we recommend looking into mesh router options.  A single router will cover 1-3 rooms at top speed; no matter how expensive your router, it will not cover more space and maintain good performance!

  • Customer needs vary, so if you don’t care too much about performance you may be able to get by with a lower level, lower cost router, while others will need to spend a lot more to ensure they are able to work at or near the top speed of the connection.  You get what you pay for in the world of wireless routers and mesh systems, so set your expectations accordingly


We do not specifically endorse any brand or models and we can help you with the setup of any router.  That said, some specific models that customers have had good luck with include:


  • Linksys EA7500-RM2: Entry level AC1900 router capable of decent speeds. Good for smaller, single-story homes.

  • Google Nest WiFi: AC2200 mesh router; somewhat slower than the ORBI (below) but works well and comes with the advantage of Google Integration.

  • Netgear ORBI RBK753S: AX4200 mesh router system for homes up to 5000 sq ft. Not the absolute top of the line, but one of the fastest options out there.

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