Apartment Complex Services

As more and more property management companies include Internet service as an amenity, Volo Broadband has found that property owners and managers face the challenge of simultaneously maximizing revenue and resident satisfaction:

  • One Size doesn’t fit all: tenants want the ability to select from a range of services
  • Unknown service details: Potential tenants know that your service is probably bad if you don’t give details
  • Property management staff are not technical, and should not be responsible for tech support calls

Internet Access as an amenity should increase your profits and make residents want to live in your properties so Volo designed Volo Property Management (VPM), a solution that considers the needs of individual residents, relieves property management of handling technical support calls, and is engineered to benefit you and your residents as follows:

More than one size

With VPM, you can to offer a baseline level of internet access that meets your bottom line, while giving individual residents the ability to upgrade their connection to meet their specific needs.  The upgrades help you recoup your cost for the baseline service, save the resident as compared with commercially-available internet access options, and eliminate a point of common friction—users who complain about the baseline service’s speed have a ready solution to their problems.  Current VPM users offer services from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps at prices that range from free to $124.99/month—this spectrum ensures that each tenant’s connectivity and budgetary needs are met.     

VPM’s upgrades present a revenue-sharing opportunity that helps you recoup your costs for providing a free level of service, and gives both parties incentive to continually advertise and support customers.  Tenant upgrades have accounted for an additional average of 25% savings to property owners from Volo’s already unmatched prices.

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

Most properties now offer Internet access as an amenity, and say so on their website…but they leave out the details.  This leaves potential residents wondering if the Internet access provided will meet their needs—and with good reason since most properties offer the minimum speed service that they can get away with!  VPM includes a web page branded for your property that describes the customized services you choose to offer at each property.

VPM Handles All Technical Support Calls

One common frustration we hear from non-VPM property management companies is related to the handling of support calls from residents about their Internet service.  VPM eliminates the property management company from that equation with communication tools including 24/7 local phone support, and a ticket system that lets you monitor customer issues as desired.

Volo has been providing customized Internet service with local support to businesses, apartment complexes, and private residents for almost 10 years. Although Volo is a small company we are able to outperform our competition in price, performance, and support, by tailoring our services to meet our customers’ needs.

I encourage you to consider Volo Broadband for all your Internet connection needs.  I would be happy to arrange a time to discuss the benefits of VPM and design a customized solution for your property