Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet Service
Availability, speed of service, and installation fees vary by location

Streaming: Unlimited Media Streaming$75/mo
Basic Broadband: Includes 250 MB/24 hours
3 Free 5,000 MB/day blocks of priority bandwidth/mo
Additional 250MB/day blocks of priority bandwidth
IP address change and usage reset$5.00 per change/reset
Custom network setup and consulting$75.00/hr (1 hr minimum)

Basic Broadband is ideal for someone looking for basic high speed internet service. It includes 250 MB/day of Priority Bandwidth delivered over the trademark Volo connection. Basic Broadband includes, in our experience, ample bandwidth for browsing the internet and checking your email. Other usage (particularly, streaming video like Netflix) can use that bandwidth up quickly.

Streaming services are designed for users who enjoy watching Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu, or listening to online radio for more than four hours per day.  These services are not available in all locations, and the price depends on your location (the only difference between Rural and Urban Streaming is your location).  Streaming services don't permit peer-to-peer file sharing and do contain a data cap to prevent runaway processes like virus infections, but that cap will be tailored to your needs and even by default is ample for most streaming media uses (about 10GB/day).