Volo Tech Services

Computer Repair & IT Services: * on-site home or office visits * in-shop device maintenance * remote support options * device repair * safety controls + firewalls * router, device, & system set-up * work+learn from home help * and more!

Volo's technical experts are now available to help you with your day-to-day tech needs.

New device for the holidays?  We've got you covered!

We can help you:

  • on-site at your home or office
  • in our office, or
  • via super-convenient and super-safe remote support!

We can help with one-time needs, or we we can develop a long-term support plan to serve as your IT department for ongoing and routine maintenance.

Our standard rate is $75 per hour for in-shop work at our Lincoln Square Mall location or $100 per hour for onsite assistance, with a minimum of one hour labor for diagnostics and repair. If a particular repair or project would take more than the first hour, our technicians will let you know about the estimated cost to complete the project, based on materials and how much longer it will take to complete.

Have an odd request? Not sure if we'll be able to complete it? Or just a routine need? Give us the details below, and we'll call you back within 24 hours to resolve your problem remotely, give you a quote for service, or schedule the help you need!

How can we help you today?
Notice: Customers are responsible for their own data. We take no responsibility for data loss. When possible, we attempt to assist customers who have failed to make proper backups, but we can make no promises concerning recovery of data, and no guarantees that data will not be harmed during the repair process. CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING THAT AN ADEQUATE BACKUP HAS BEEN MADE PRIOR TO DELIVERY OF ANY EQUIPMENT TO VOLO, AND AGREES THAT VOLO IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY DATA LOSS, FOR ANY REASON. Furthermore, I understand that Volo will not sell your email address to any other entitiy, but by entering my email here I consent to Volo reaching out to me with occasional marketing messages, in addition to communications related to this repair and my account in general.