What's the difference between megabits and megabytes?

One megabyte is equal to eight megabits, but the terms are used in specific ways: Megabits per second (mbps) are generally used to describe the speed of an Internet connection, whereas megabytes (MB) usually refer to the size of a file or storage space.

In practical terms, one megabit per second is slow but usable broadband Internet. Five to ten web pages, one minute of music, or a half a minute of video is about one megabyte of data.

Do you support Free Software?

Of course! We are strong proponents of software freedom, including heavy use of it in our business and making sure to contribute useful changes to the upstream maintainers.

How can I access UIUC-only information?

To access UIUC-only information from the Volo network, you need to install the UIUC VPN Client.

What payment methods do you accept? How do I set up automatic payments?

We currently accept Cash, Personal Checks, or Electronic Direct Debit. If you'd like to sign up for our automatic payment program just print out the ACH request form and send it to us.

What is your coverage area?

We can cover people within roughly 7 miles of the center of Champaign-Urbana. For details, please see Coverage section of our website.

I use AOL/MSN, will I still be able to with your service?

Yes. Both AOL and MSN have special broadband products that compliment our high speed service. Check with your product's website for more information.

Do you care how many computers I have?

No. Our equipment has a built in DHCP server that will automatically configure up to 200 computers connected with just ethernet hubs and switches.

What's my public IP address?

IP Chicken will tell you. If you're trying to set up a server and it lists your IP as, please contact us (something might be misconfigured).

If I want to run a server, how do I set it up?

Just set the server's IP address to the DMZ address listed on your initial invoice (generally for older customers and for newer ones). Connections to your public IP address will automatically be sent to that computer.


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