Fiber Network Management

The Volo Fiber Management System is a GIS-based cloud fiber asset and network management system, that can help people at all levels of your organization keep track of what is where, how it all connects together, and if desired help monitor and troubleshoot problems in your network infrastructure from layer 0 (holes in the ground) to layer 3 (IP routing).  The system can stand alone (using free GIS tools to access your data on PCs and portable devices), or integrate with your existing GIS system.

The Volo Fiber Management System allows you to visualize, audit, and diagnose problems with:

  • Handholes
  • Conduits
  • Cables
  • Slack loops
  • Splices
  • Patch panels
  • Switches
  • Routers

With appropriate hardware and setup, the system will store historical OTDR traces for future analysis and help you use a new trace to identify the exact physical location of a new problem.  In some cases that monitoring can be done in real time, with alarms set to notify you before cable damage becomes a user-impacting issue.

Unlike most systems of this type, this is not mere "software".  Our experience dealing with fiber assets allows us to provide a level of support far beyond help with installation and use of the product.  This support can range from:

  • Custom integration with your GIS system and network monitoring systems
  • Importing existing data from any source (including paper)
  • Working on site to map out an unknown network, or unknown portion of the network
  • Other custom setup on a case by case basis

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