Volo Broadband Releases Digital Water Gigabit Fiber, Nation's First Sub-$30 Gigabit Service

(Thomasboro, IL)//--Volo Broadband will host a "ribbon cutting" ceremony and public demonstration for its Digital Water fiber broadband services, 3-6pm 7/27/2013 at the Thomasboro Fire Station (101 N Church St., Thomasboro, IL).  The event is an opportunity for residents of Central Illinois to try the next generation of fiber broadband and ask questions about the services, and how and when they might be available in their community.  Refreshments will be provided.

Starting at $29.95/mo, Digital Water Gigabit Fiber is the nation's first sub-$30/mo gigabit fiber service.  “Volo sees a future where internet access across the country is as plentiful, reliable, and low-cost as water is today,” said Peter Folk, CEO of Volo Broadband.  "We believe that these services are the best deal in broadband and phone service in the nation, regardless of technology."

Fiber broadband is widely seen as the next generation in Internet connectivity, with TV and phone also being possible over the same infrastructure.   Nationally, fiber services are available in many places but are usually substantially more expensive and slower, for example AT&T's U-Verse, which starts at $40/mo for only 12mbps.  A few leading-edge companies are offering gigabit-speed services, including Chatanooga's Fi-Speed 1000 $299.99/mo and Google Fiber in Kansas City at $70/mo.  Locally, the UC2B grant-funded infrastructure offers 20mbps for $20/mo--less speed but also somewhat less expensive--but only in specific areas with a demonstrated low broadband adoption rate.

“We live and work here, and have a vested interest in our community thriving. If you do well, we do well,” said Folk. “I believe that our local Silicon Prairie has not done its share of leading the nation. We are investing in our local communities to change that, in ways that ensuring that Central Illinois continues to be a great place to live and work."

“Broadband Illinois is very excited about the Volo Broadband Digital Water Gigabit Fiber Service,” said Barbara Webster, Regional eTeam Director for Broadband Illinois.  “Champaign County is a major technology player in the state of Illinois, and partnerships throughout the region are creating opportunities and real jobs.  We congratulate Volo on the launch of their new Gigabit service, and we are proud of the businesses in the region and state which create such innovative ideas”, continued Webster.

“Digital Water is a major coup for Thomasboro,” said Thomasboro Mayor Brad Morris. “Top-quality, super-fast, and very reliable internet services for our residents, our businesses, and our community institutions makes our community safer, more competitive, and more attractive as a place to live, work, and shop.”

The release, ribbon cutting, and public unveiling Saturday marks the completion of Volo's testbed rollout of the service in Thomasboro, Illinois.  “Thomasboro was our testbed – our rollout,” Folk says. “Talks are already underway with neighborhoods in Champaign, Urbana, Savoy, and surrounding communities to bring this super-affordable, cutting-edge Digital Water technology to their residents as well. More communities will follow throughout east central Illinois, and very likely beyond.”

About Volo Broadband
Volo Broadband was founded in 2001 to provide a high-speed, low-cost, reliable alternative internet access to the Champaign County region. The locally-based company offers premium broadband Internet access, including an always-on, ultra high-speed connection, and exceptional customer service and ease of use, all at prices lower than the competition. Volo is in the process of becoming a cooperatively-owned utility (known currently as Gigabit.coop), to ensure that broadband internet services are affordable, reliable, and permanently locally-controlled. For more information on Volo, Digital Water, or Gigabit.coop, contact Peter Folk, CEO, Volo Broadband at peter@volo.net or (217) 721-3893.