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Volo's Fiber Internet service is faster than fast, with speeds up to 1000mbps, and our phone services feature the lowest prices, the best voice quality, and more features. 

See below for details and fill out the form at the bottom to request a call back about service, or call (217) 367-8656 or email sales@volo.net for a personalized quote.

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$150 installation fee applies in most locations, but some locations may require a custom installation. All fiber services support speeds of up to 1000mbps, though speeds in the 200-300mbps range are more common given limitations of customer equipment and other factors. That said, Volo's gigabit fiber connections are the fastest residential Internet in the nation right now!
Installation fees depend on location and other factors, and are generally between $200 and $300. Install fees can be paid over the first three months of service if desired. Streaming services are not available in all locations, and don't permit peer-to-peer file sharing. Streaming services have a data cap to prevent runaway processes like virus infections, but that cap will be tailored to your needs and by default is ample for most streaming media uses (10GB/day).
All phone packages include voicemail (check with your phone or listen in your email) and a local phone number, and support keeping your current number if desired.
Most phone services have a one-time setup fee starting at $50, or $75/hr for more complex setups that require custom configuration.
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