Volo Digital Equality Initiative

The Volo Digital Equality Initiative is a set of programs that Volo is supporting to help eliminate the digital divide in Champaign County.


Volo has the best deal in computers around. We offer refurbished desktop computers with NEW LCD flat screen monitors, keyboards, and mice, Windows XP with antivirus protection, a complete suite of office and internet software, and no-hassle 30 day replacement for desktops. Fill out the form if you want one!

Non Profits & Community Organizations and Students Request for Computer Equipment
The Digital Equality Initiative and Volo Broadband has a program, where community organizations can submit a request for FREE computers, printers and equipment.  Started in 2008, this effort has supplied free computers to dozens of anchor and non-profit institutions.  These donations are made possible by partnerning with local corporate donors and Volo / Digital Equality Initative. Click on this link to be directed to begin the application process.

Parkland College offers beginner courses in its Computer Technology Center, and Parkland Adult Education offers many free classes that include digital literacy skills.  These range from Beginning Computers for English Language Learners to classes that prepare students for college level certificates in Business and Computer Networking.  Learn more at http://parkland.edu/adulteducation or contact adulteducation@parkland.edu .


The last frontier of the digital divide is internet connectivity. Volo offers the lowest-cost internet service available in some areas, and the only internet service in some others. Volo also supports the UC2B initiative in its efforts to bring community anchor institutions and low-income areas of town to the forefront of technology. And Comcast's Internet Essentials program also provides low-cost internet access for households that qualify.