Volo Services

Volo Broadband provides most users a better Internet Service value than any other provider. With Volo service you get better performance for less money, with the flexibility of a connection that can grow with your needs. From Basic Broadband to custom connections up to 1000mbps, Volo can meet your connectivity needs.

The Volo Connection

When you get Volo, we install equipment on your roof that allows you to access our local wireless network. The Volo trademark broadband connection is a fixed-wireless broadband internet connection that gives you:

  • Ultra high speed (up to 5 megabits/second)
    Your Volo connection is up to 100x faster than dialup, up to 15x faster than DSL, and up to 3x as fast as a T1.
  • Priority Bandwidth
    Volo's service is priced according to the amount of data you typically transfer within a 24-hour time period, not by the speed of the connection (as it is for most services). The "priority bandwidth" approach helps ensure that you always see the fastest connection available. Other internet services charge all users high prices to pay for the usage of a very small minority, and then those same users slow the connection down to a crawl during peak times (when normal users want to use the connection). If you transfer more than the Priority Bandwidth you are signed up for there are no additional charges and you will not be disconnected, however your connection will undergo a series of priority reductions resulting in lower perceived speed.
  • Security
    Every Volo connection includes a firewall, protecting your entire network from casual and intentional attacks.
  • Flexibility
    Your Volo connection makes it super-simple to connect multiple computers to the internet: DHCP and NAT allow them to share the connection without you needing to do any configuration at all in most cases, and running a server is as simple as setting its IP address. More bandwidth is a phone call away, and we will upgrade your connection as your needs grow, so your initial investment is never wasted.

The Volo wireless network supports higher data rates than any other low-cost provider in the area, while our bandwidth management systems keep prices low and the quality of service high. In addition, Volo is the only company in the Champaign-Urbana area that can provide you a fully redundant connection, because our wireless network is the only high-speed data path that is independent of telephone company rights-of-way and service procedures.