Free and Open Source Software

We are strong proponents of software freedom, including heavy use of it in our business and making sure to contribute useful changes to the upstream maintainers.

Contributions include:

Web Development:

  • Drupal: Simple CSS module
  • Drupal - A popular modular content management system.
  • Wordpress - A popular plugin-based content management system.
  • Magento - A powerful content management system centered around online sales.
  • WAMP - Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, everything you need to turn your Windows computer into a development environment.
  • MAMP - like WAMP, but for Mac OS


  • 7Zip - File compresion software, Comparable to WinZip
  • OpenOffice - Office production suite, Compatible with Microsoft Office
  • Paint.NET - Image editing software, Comparable to Paint Shop Pro
  • GIMPShop - Photo manipulation software, Comparable to Adobe Photoshop
  • Krita - Photo manipulation software, Comparable to Adobe Photoshop
  • ImgBurn - Disc imaging/burning software, Comparable to Roxio
  • WinDirStat - Visual map of files based on filesize, nothing really like it.
  • Notepad++ - Text editor, much more powerful than Notepad
  • PuTTY - Visual ssh, sftp, and telnet client
  • FileZilla - visual ftp client
  • VLC - Media client, comparable to Windows Media Center
  • ShotCut - Video editing software, Comparable to Windows Movie Maker
  • Audacity - Audio editing software
  • KeePass - Keep track of all your passwords in one secure place
  • ClamWin - antivirus software
  • Juice - Podcast player and subscription management software
  • RSSOwl - RSS feed reader and management software
  • KeyNote - Notetaking software
  • MusikCube - Music player and library management software, comparable to iTunes
  • Handbrake - DVD video backup software
  • PDFCreator - Creates a virtual printer, and when you print something to it, it converts the document into a PDF
  • Foxit Reader - PDF reader, comparable to Adobe Acrobat
  • FreeMind - Mind-mapping/project planning software
  • GanttPV - Project management software, comparable and compatible with Microsoft Project
  • Dia - Diagramming software for flowcharts and network architectures, comparable to Microsoft Visio
  • Everything - A comprehensive file searching tool, replacement for the Windows search
  • BleachBit - System cleanup/tuneup tool, comparable to CCleaner
  • Pidgin - an instant messaging and IRC client that supports just about every protocol. Also available for Mac OS.

MacOS (note, the great thing about open source is that most of the Windows versions also have Mac versions, but here are a few Mac specific we like):

  • Adium - Like Pidgin, an instant messaging and IRC client. Both are based on GAIM, but Adium has some neat features Pidgin is lacking.
  • Fugu - A visual sftp client.
  • Keka - Like WinZip or 7zip, but added focus on encryption and privacy, and very easy to use.
  • PlayOnMac - Run Windows applications and games.
  • Disk Inventory X - Like WinDirStat. Basically, it's WinDirStat.
  • DiskMaker X - Create bootable Mac OS installation media, disk or USB. Great for those afraid of the terminal and are too shy to use Apple's instructions.
  • Fuse - Allows Mac OS to create and manipulate NTFS (Windows) partitions.
  • Avira - Free antivirus, for not just Mac OS, but also Windows and Android!