Fiber Internet

Volo's Fiber Internet service starts at only $29.95/month for a connection that goes as fast as 1000mbps (one gigabit). Call 217-367-VOLO to find out if your location is eligible. Pricing varies by area.


Residential Fiber Internet Service in Urbana, Thomasboro, Mahomet, St. Joseph, Rantoul, and surrounding areas:

BasicPerfect for light internet users doing email, web surfing, and a small amount of online video. Enjoy more than 10 gigabytes per day of up to gigabit (1000mbps) speeds.$49.95 $29.95/mo
EnhancedDesigned for medium internet users. Enjoy more than 20 gigabytes per day of up to gigabit speeds.$59.95 $49.95/mo
PowerIdeal for heavy internet users (multiple TVs streaming Netflix, video chats in high definition/HD). Enjoy over 40 gigabytes per day of up to gigabit speeds.$69.95 $59.95/mo
UltimateUnlimited heavy usage at up to 1000mbps$89.95 $64.95/mo

In residential fiber-to-the-home areas, installation is:

$150 for Basic, Enhanced, Power, and month-to-month Ultimate services
FREE with one-year Ultimate service agreement

In other areas, installation depends on a variety of factors, including lot size, driveway length, and infrastructure in the area.  Contact us for a custom quote.

Depends on service package and location


Neighborhood Upgrade Specialty Pricing

Volo works with neighborhoods, subdivisions, and HOAs to develop customized connectivity projects. Pricing for these areas can vary based on location, topography, and other factors. The prices listed below are typical.

BasicPerfect for basic internet users doing email, web surfing, and a small amount of online video. Enjoy fast speeds up to 1000mbps with a 300 GB/month target usage allocation.$29.95 /mo
EnhancedDesigned for intermediate internet users that watch up to 6 hours of video (including Netflix, Zoom, and online video games) per day. Enjoy fast speeds up to 1000mbps and 600 GB/month usage.$34.95 - $49.95 /mo
PowerPerfect for heavy internet users with multiple TVs streaming Netflix, full-day video conferences in high definition/HD, avid gamers, etc up to 12 hours per day. Enjoy fast speeds up to 1000mbps and 1.2TB/month usage.$39.95 - $59.95 /mo
UltimateDesigned especially for extra heavy users and/or homes with multiple heavy internet users, with multiple TVs streaming Netflix, video chats in high definition/HD, etc. Enjoy fast speeds up to 1000mbps and unlimited usage!$44.95 - $89.95 /mo
InstallationCosts vary by area, including some options for waiving installation with a one- or two-year contract 


Last Mile Fiber Neighborhood Pricing

Rural neighborhoods served with a high-speed wireless link to Volo’s core network, with fiber infrastructure throughout the target neighborhood.

Last Mile FiberDesigned for rural internet neighborhoods. Unlimited usage with typical speeds between 100mbps and 200mbps.$84.95 /mo
InstallationDiscounts may be available based on expansion.$300 - $1000


Other Services


Superfast internet supports both traditional channel-based TV services and a vast selection of on-demand content.

Channel-based TV options that work great over Volo’s fiber internet include:

Youtube TV
85+ Channels (free 1 month trial, then $65/mo)
Sling TV
Currently offers 36 Channels for Free (other channels require a subscription starting at $35/mo)
65+ to 140+ Channels with plans from $70/mo to $140/mo

On-demand options include for-pay services like Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, and many others with TONS of content available for free including IMDb TV, Peacock, Crackle, and Tubi.

Subscribe separately
DIY & Managed WiFi

Many routers are too slow to take advantage of Volo's superfast speeds.

To get the most our of our super-fast internet, we recommend a router rated at least AC1750 or better, which usually runs $125-$350, plus installation.

If you’re looking for an option that costs less up-front, but has the added benefit of ongoing support to ensure your home’s wifi stays fast, consider Volo’s Managed Wifi service, with pricing based on the amount of area/size of home or business that needs to be covered.

DIY: $125-$350 + installation

Managed: $15/mo per 1000 sq ft in your home