CUDO Discount Special

Welcome CUDO members. Get hosting now for $6/month. Call 217-898-0638 to set up local hosting and redeem your 20% monthly discount. Advantages: Volo is local to Champaign Urbana. You can reach Volo by phone or stop by our office. Special CUDO discount. Saves you $2.50/month. Every little bit helps! Add Shopping cart to your website >Designers can team with Volo's programmer for data base heavy web designs

IP-based virtualhost(you'd know if you need it)add $7.50/mo
Linux Virtual Serveradd $50/mo
Drupal hosting support$12.50/mo, $50 setup 
Shopping Cart support$15.00/mo, $50 setup 
Shopping Cart customization$45.00/hr 

Most designers that use email would benefit from having their own domain name for email addresses (, a website (, or both. Volo Virtual Hosting gives you most of the benefits of your own email and web servers, with none of the hassles. Volo Virtual Hosting setup includes registration or transfer of the domain name. The Virtual Hosting service includes one email account (which receives mail addressed to anything, 2 GB of space for web pages and email, and unlimited email aliases (redirecting email addressed to to another email address or a separate Volo email account). Web sites expecting heavy traffic should purchase reserved bandwidth. A Linux Virtual Server allows you to run whatever services you like, have "root" access, and otherwise make your own life difficult. But isn't that what being geek is truly about? Drupal hosting allows you to have an advanced website that's easy to maintain, with lots of powerful features, with very little effort and expertise. Ask us for more information. 2 Setup fee waived if the service is requested before installation and activated at the same time as Volo internet service.