Volo's Green Purpose

Volo promotes ecological initiatives throughout our operations. From keeping equipment in the field as long as possible, to office paper recycling, we work with Green Purpose, LLC to ensure that our operations have as little environmental impact as possible.

Working with Green Purpose has resulted in:

  • Increasing our paper and cardboard recycling 100%
  • Improving reuse of materials
  • ...and other significant improvements in our ecological impact

We also work with Macks Recycling to ensure that none of our electronic waste ends up in a landfill, and the raw materials in our e-waste get a new life.

Volo also supports individual employees' Green initiatives. One employee has completely eliminated his electric bill, replacing it with a system he has put together using solar panels.

Last but not least, by doubling or tripling the life of hundreds of corporate computers, Volo's Digital Equality Program diverts thousands of pounds of electronic waste each year from the landfill, giving it a second life in homes and social anchor institutions.