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Do Volo connections have a firewall?

Yes, at this time all connections provided by Volo have a firewall on them (unless the customer explicitly requests it's removal). This firewall and gateway router not only protects your computer(s) from network based attacks, but also allows you to easily share your internet connection between multiple computers. In fact a basic Volo connection will configure up to 200 computers automatically, all you have to do is connect them together with switches or hubs.

I live in an apartment, can I get your service?

There are two ways you might get our service:

  1. If the owner of your building can give us access to the internal wiring of your building, we can provide service to you (and other members of your building) at a reduced rate. See the Services section under Multi-User Service, have your landlord contact us, or contact us yourself and we can follow up with your landlord about it.

How does weather affect the service?

It doesn't. From extreme heat to extreme cold, from wind and pouring rain to fog and snow, our network has functioned through all these conditions with no noticable effects.

How do I get my connection?

Our service uses cutting-edge radios and other technologies (as appropriate) to link the equipment at your site to our metropolitan-area network. The technology is usually called Fixed Wireless, as opposed to the mobile wireless service associated with cellular phones, because our devices don't move around much (they're attatched to buildings).

How does your service compare to DSL and Cable Internet?

Whether you need internet access for your home or business, Volo Broadband provides features and perks that have both DSL and Cable beat.

For starters there's our blazing fast speeds, many times faster than the national average for either DSL or cable.

What kind of service do you offer?

We offer multi megabit broadband internet service for homes and small businesses.


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