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Nesland also points out that the work rules, the rotations under the oil service agreement are as bad as they are, and believes that it is fundamental that oil workers should receive the same night allowance as other groups. Local oil union officials are aware of the stakes of the oil strike. – We are on strike to make the employees of the oil service as worthy as other employees of the oil industry, say the union leaders who are on strike. We are impressed by all those affected by the strike. And on the support we receive from both workers` representatives, individual members and the union, say the four. -It is not at all true that a worker under the oil service agreement will earn much less than all those who work in the oil industry. The principle that there should be real negotiations for shore-based workers is also important to us, says Bertelsen. “It is necessary to strike because it is as stressful for me to work the night shift as it is for the staff under the operator, drilling and catering agreements, but employers will not offer us the same night work allowance,” said local union leader Kjell Vestly in Oceaneering. It stresses that this is a critical development when a small federation like SAFE negotiates ahead of the large industri Energi union, which has ten times as many members under the oil service agreement, thus committing the SAFE result.

– We didn`t really negotiate that comparison. “The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association has given us a final offer and has not shown a willingness to negotiate,” says Fintland. Bertelsen says that under the oil service agreement, workers still need to keep up the pressure to close the wage gap with the operating, drilling and restoration agreements. Til veren skal regjeringen legge frem en melding for Stortinget om langsiktig verdiskaping fra norske energiressurser. Industri Energi har allerede bidratt med de ferste innspillene til arbeidet. – If we had accepted noK 0.50 less, we would have moved towards changing our demands. After all, this would lead to even greater differences between oil workers, he says. Local union leaders in Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes and Oceaneering stress that it is not desirable, but absolutely necessary, to strike against the Norwegian Petroleum and Gas Federation because of the oil service agreement. – Companies are fighting a targeted fight against our wages and working conditions.

If we give in now, that pressure will spread to other areas. In return, other groups working at sea are put under pressure. That`s why this fight is of the utmost importance, says Kjell Vestly. The four local union leaders say there is fantastic support for the strike in the companies. – If we do nothing with the wage scale, our skilled workers will soon lose NOK 100,000 compared to skilled workers under operator, drilling and restoration agreements. “We can`t accept the wage setting dictated by employers,” he says. They insist that they are actually fighting for everyone who works in the oil industry. Atle Bertelsen, local union leader at Baker Hughes, says companies should not take advantage of industry fluctuations to reduce workers` wages and working conditions. It recalls that, as part of the operating, drilling and restoration agreements, staff received NOK 1.50 in addition to the night work allowance in this year`s wage agreements, while staff received only 1 NOK under the oil service contract. The president of the Schlumberg local association, Aase Fintland, believes that Industri Energi had to show that the union had to have real rights for collective bargaining under the oil service contract. Medlemsbedriftene Ekornes, Figgjo og Fora Form mottok i dag tre av designbransjens fire h`yeste utmerkelser.

-Fantastisk flott at be av fire prisvinnere har medlemmer i Industri Energi, sier Terje Valskér, nestleder i Industri Energi. РWe had no choice but to