Berks County Intermediate Unit Collective Bargaining Agreement

12. In a letter of 22 April 1998, the Department of Education, Office of Chief Counsel, responded to the objections of the Law Society of the Pennsylvania School Bus Association against the reimbursement proposed by the Ministry for transportation provided by the IU.   In particular, the first paragraph of the letter states that “the department remains firmly convinced that intermediate units can enter into contracts with school districts for general and comprehensive transportation services.”  (R.R. 89a.) 3. The BCIU “was forced to expand into corporate programs [z.B. “those who need a school district fee”] when Gov. Tom Ridge reduced state resources to intermediate units in 1996.  (Reading Eagle Times Article, July 15, 1999, R. 120a.;   Dep., K. Robert Hohl, Ed.D., 69-70, R. 122a.) 11. Reich`s so-called “interests” may, however, be misleading;  If a court approved his substantive argument and then prevented the BCIU from providing bus services to special students, Reich and his co-subjects could pay more, not less, taxes.   See N.T.

by Joseph Kostura, BCIU`s Financial Officer, Preliminary Injunction Hearing, June 12, 13 and 20, 2003, p. 426-28 (Response “Definitiv” when asked: “Is it fair to say that, because the intermediate transportation contract has the effect of reducing the costs and expenses of the special training program?”). Intermediate units that offer bus routes to non-specialized students operate outside their legal jurisdiction, and the court has made an infringement case.  Randall S. Reich (Reich), taxpayers of the Reading School District, City of Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania, asks us: if the 1949 public school code, March 10, 1949, P.L. 30, amended, 24 P.S. 1-101-27-27-2702 (School Code), allows intermediate units to enter into contracts with school districts in their territory to attend non-specialized students.113  Section 971 of the school code provides that each intermediary unit is subject, no later than the first day of October, to an annual financial report that is presented with a legal auditor established by an independent accountant, who is a competent accountant or other competent accountant.   The total financial accounting and unit-to-unit report at the Ministry of Education is consistent with generally accepted accounting and reporting standards.24 P.S. 9-971 (last sentence was added by the Law of May 10, 2000, p. L. 44).) The day after the offer opened, the Pennsylvania School Bus Association (PSBA) 4 informed the BCIU and RSD that there was “no legal authority to allow bcIU to transport non-exceptional students.”  (Compl.