Architectural Fee Agreement In India

1. Presentation of the plan inside………. days from the date of implementation of this agreement. 18. This agreement is executed in two copies and the architects bear the stamp duty on the original. The employer retains the original and the architects duplicate it. 15. If the architects do not respect the timetable, they are obliged to put the damage of the aff into liquidation to the employer. ……… until the work remains incomplete. The employer has the right to recover the aforementioned liquidation damage of an amount to be paid to the architects under this agreement. (c) the development of construction drawings, the development of work and the preparation of all plans, health, health, sanitary, electrical, detailed cost estimates or other information necessary to establish quantitative calculations; 12. The employer or architects may not give in, sublet or transfer their interest in this agreement without the written consent of the other.

11. Any party may terminate this contract at any time by communicating a two-month written notification to the other party. Architects remain responsible after the termination of their activities and are responsible for the proper certification and approval of invoices submitted by contractors at all times with respect to work done before the closing of the architect`s appointment; however, is not entitled to additional remuneration. If architects close their business or die or become unable to work as architects, the contract is in progress. If the architects do not meet the schedule or the extended period granted by the employer at its discretion or if, for whatever reason, the statutes of the architect`s work are changed, the employer has the right to terminate the contract and transfer the work to another architect. (e) If this contract is terminated earlier, the fees are paid to the architects for the services actually provided according to the steps outlined in this clause. 17. There is at any time a dispute, difference or question between the parties as to the interpretation of this agreement or the rights arising from this agreement or rights: The liability and obligations of the parties in the context of this agreement or the performance of the above work are referred to the arbitration procedure and the final decision of an arbitrator to be agreed upon and appointed by both parties. , or, in the event of a disagreement over the appointment of an individual arbitrator, the appointment of two arbitrators appointed by each party, the arbitrators decide, before taking the weight of the reference, an arbitrator whose decision on the merits binds the two parties. It is expected that the designated arbitrator must issue his award within six months of the date of the arbitrator or arbitrator, as the case may be, indicating the reference. This filing for arbitration is considered to be the presentation of an arbitration procedure within the meaning of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996, or any legislative amendment to it.

The award of the arbitrator is final and binding on the parties. The parties agree that if the work under this agreement has not been completed at the time of reference to the arbitration dispute, the work will continue during the arbitration process and the employer will make the payment to the architects as part of that agreement and will not withhold the money to be paid to the architects on the basis of an arbitration procedure. , unless this has been authorized by the arbitrators.